Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps Are Attractive and Safe to Use

When laying out steps or any other concrete surface, using exposed aggregate concrete can make for a unique and durable surface for steps. The exposed aggregate will afford more traction and reduce the possibility of any accidents from slipping. Click here to get about how to clean exposed aggregate concrete.

To create steps in your garden or other areas that have exposed aggregate concrete you will need to pour the concrete as you would do traditionally, after providing the necessary formwork that will provide the steps. It can help if then retarders are used over the surfaces of the steps so that the top layer of concrete is prevented from setting and drying. Once the rest of the concrete has set, the top layer is washed away with a spray or jet of water to remove the cement and expose all the sand and other aggregates. This will give a surface that is uneven and fully expose the aggregates in the top layer of concrete. To get also about waste concrete aggregate; visit:

Another way of creating a top layer of exposed concrete will be to press in bits of stone or pebbles into the top layer of concrete before it has set. They must be spread evenly across the surface and pressed in to get embedded in the concrete. You can then get a unique texture and appearance to your concrete steps. Polishing this exposed concrete surface can then give the surface a distinct shine and make it look like granite or other natural stone.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps Are Attractive and Safe to Use

Steps made of exposed aggregate concrete will give surfaces that are very strong. The finish is rugged and will do well to take all the traffic that steps normally have to during their use. You will never skid or slip on such surfaces, and this makes the steps that much safer to use. The surface is durable and will last for years. These steps will not be difficult to maintain, though the rough texture can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust, that can be easily washed away. It is a form of finish that goes well with coloring, staining, stenciling, or imprinting.

Repairs to exposed concrete can be difficult as this can disturb particular patterns so that the repaired area will always look different from the other surface of the steps. A lot of care has to be taken to obtain uniformity of appearance when you are creating the exposed aggregate surface.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps Are Attractive and Safe to Use

Exposed aggregate concrete in steps is best restricted to the risers that are the surface exposed during the concreting that can be easily treated to create the necessary looks. It adds visual interest to the surface and colors and designs that are random and unique. It is cost effective and in no way compromises on the strength of the concrete. It is hardwearing and is therefore very suitable for steps, footpaths and public areas that see a lot of traffic.

The texture and color options that exposed aggregate concrete offers are limitless. It does not require much in the form of tools or equipment and its creation is a skill that can be easily mastered.