How To Get The Exposed Aggregate Concrete Effect Using Sugar

If you are pouring concrete, and you want to achieve the best exposed aggregate finish possible, you must use some type of a water reducer, also called a set retarder. The main purpose of this material is to reduce the speed at which the concrete will set. This will enable more plastic properties to occur, and will also show more of the aggregate material at the surface. There are other benefits to doing this including the fact that the concrete will not crack as easily. It will also reduce permeability, making it last much longer. This combination of a better appearance, combined with a more durable form of concrete, is why people will use set retarders that are Sugar based.

How To Get The Exposed Aggregate Concrete Effect Using Sugar

Why Are Set Retarder Sugar Based?

There is a chemical reason why sugar can slow down the setting rate of concrete. That’s why most of the store-bought retarder products will have some type of sugar. You might assume that you can use sugar on your concrete to get the same effect. However, it may not be that easy to achieve the best results. For some people, especially those on a budget, they might try to mix sugar in with the concrete so that the aggregate material comes throughout the top. Even if you did this properly, it’s also recommended that you have a professional do it for you. Using the right material does not always mean that you will get the best result.

Where To Get Sugar Based Retarder Solutions

Getting these solutions is easy to do. They sell these that many stores. You can pick them up when you are getting your concrete. If you are having your concrete delivered, you might ask company that is bringing this for you if they have the retarder solution, and if they wouldn’t mind doing this for you as the concrete is poured. This will cost a little bit extra, but it will ensure that the process is done properly. You have to remember that once the concrete sets, there is no turning back. It must be done the right way the first time or you may have to replace the concrete once it has set if it doesn’t look the way that it should. Click here for more information.

How To Get The Exposed Aggregate Concrete Effect Using Sugar

How To Find Companies That Will Do This For You

Finding businesses that will do the exposed aggregate concrete pouring for you is easy. Look on the web, contact each concrete business, and see if they know what you are talking about. If they do, get estimates from a couple of the businesses. Eventually, they will be able to give you a price that is affordable for you. If you have been hesitant in doing this, it’s probably because you don’t know how to do this, or that you are concerned about how it will look once you do this yourself. To save yourself the time and money, go ahead and find one of these businesses that can pour the concrete and use the sugar based set retarder to produce that wonderful aggregate material effect.

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